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    Understand what to do now, next and after that

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Content strategy that connects the dots.

Can you describe to me your content strategy?

Don’t worry, most people have never thought of a strategy for their content. They write a blog post or record a  video, hit the “upload” button, and wait.


We are here to change that. Our content strategies ensure you get the traction you deserve.

Where do I start?

I’m glad you asked. To the right there is a opt-in box. Sign up and for the next 3 weeks you will receive a video and template to analyze and dissect your content.

I PROMISE: This isn’t a sales campaign where I drip feed you content and then dangle you along and then ask you to take out your wallet right before the punch line.

This is a transformative course that we require all of our potential clients to complete. After completion they must apply to be considered as one of our clients.

Why do we require this?

To be blunt most businesses and individuals are not ready to work with us. You have to learn the fundamentals of content creation and syndication (the spreading of that content) for True Wave to give you the ROI that you expect.

What we can do for you.

The 4 Things We Do


We work with you to help you create content strategies that integrate all of your content together. Maximizing your creation efforts.


Looking to turbocharge your content? We can create and manage paid traffic campaigns for your content.


If you struggle to tell people what you do in less than 10 seconds. We can help.

Want to go PRO

Are you a self teacher? We are too. We have a 12 week course designed to take you from zero to hero. Learn more here.

Here is what we think about the current state of content.

Words for the Wise

August 06 2013

CREATIVITY: Is it Possible to Automate This?


I love automation, and I often ask myself “how would one automate this?” (imagine me in a thinking pose, with a stumped look on my face). When it comes to creativity – I have a silver bullet. 


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